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3Shape Tabletop Scanner

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3Shape Tabletop Scanner3Shape Tabletop Scanner

Dental Technology

In our commitment to be a completely digital office, we have acquired a 3Shape tabletop scanner.  For our most complex restorative cases, we now have the ability to accurately digitize our dental impressions using this dental technology.  We also have the capability of marking our margins and designing final restorations.  This gives us complete control of the crown fabrication process, ensuring that our crowns and bridges fit with amazing accuracy and have an appearance consistent with the rest of your mouth.  Our crowns have the strength and beauty of a custom laboratory crown with the precision and accuracy ensuring longevity for years and years to come.  Lastly, there’s the added benefit of cutting our processing times in half and seeing our patients much sooner.  We are one of a handful of dental practices in this country that own this dental technology.

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