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Valencia HygienistsMeet our Hygienist team at your Valencia Dentist.

Your hygienist should be your personal dental hygiene coach and mentor.

At Go Dental, your Valencia dentist, our hygienist team will provide:

  • Preventative dental services to maintain good oral health.
  • Educate you on the proper habits and techniques necessary for improving oral health.
  • Therapeutic dental services meant to stop disease and maintain healthy tissue in your mouth.

Our hygienists and Valencia dentists work hand in hand to ensure that not only your office visit is comfortable and anxiety free, but that you’re receiving the best oral care possible.

Please check out our outstanding hygienist team at Go Dental – your Valencia dentist!

Evelyn RDH Marla RDH Michelle RDH Kathy RDH Lynn RDH
Evelyn, RDH
USC School of Dentistry
Marla, RDH
USC School of Dentistry
Michelle, RDH
UCLA School of Dentistry
Kathy, RDH
SUNY at Buffalo School of Dentistry
Lynn, RDH