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Dr. Go, your Valencia DentistMeet Dr. Christopher Go, your Valencia Family Dentist.

In My Words

In my 20 years of practicing dentistry there is one thing that I have found to be true of people. People hate the dentist. There are so many reasons for this and I’m sure if you are reading this you have some of your own reasons. Some have had a horrific dental experience, while others just don’t like feeling numb. Other people feel that they’ve had unnecessary work done in the past, therefore, mistrust the dentist all together. Some individuals are embarrassed that they haven’t been to the dentist in years or are just flat out terrified of needles and drills. Ah yes, there is also the ever present financial issue – “I just don’t have enough money to pay for this.”

I’ve heard all these concerns and trust me, I get it. I’ve been blessed with success in the field of dentistry because of my ability to listen to the concerns of each of my patients and move forward in the way that is comfortable to them. While my ultimate goal is providing the highest quality dentistry for each and every one of my patients, I fully realize that there are different ways in which a person may achieve a smile that they are comfortable with. For some, they may have the desire and means to get all their work done in a single appointment, for others, their dental needs may have to be addressed over a longer time span.

An unknown yet fascinating fact is that most people usually don’t need much dental work at all.

My goal, as your Valencia dentist, is to enable you to set aside any fear or mistrust you may have with the dentist. I know that we can’t be everything to everyone but that’s not going to stop my practice or I from trying. Once you come into Go Dental, you will see that you’re the most important person to me and all the amazing people with whom I surround myself with. I recognize how lucky I am to have you as my patient and will dedicate myself to your smile and satisfaction.

About Me:

I was born and grew up in the suburbs of Washington DC, specifically Rockville, MD. My father was an architect and my mother was a housewife. I also have a brother, Art and a sister, Viv. Throughout childhood, I was huge Orioles and Redskins fan and still love those teams to this day. After teaching Restorative Dentistry at UCLA for 12 years, I adopted UCLA as my favorite team that actually wins games (although my best man at my wedding is a Trojan man).

I have lived in Valencia, CA since 2001 and I’m happily married to Rose Kim, a pediatric dentist who practices at Valencia Children’s Dental Group. We have three incredible but challenging kids: Drew, Matthew, and Olivia. My life, outside of being a Valencia dentist, consists of refereeing and coaching AYSO soccer teams, training and running for marathons, snowboarding, and of course, helping my kids with homework. Golf is tragically missing from my life, but someday, someday, it will return…..


1981-1985 Washington University
St. Louis MO
BS Biology, English Literature
1991-2006 UCLA School of Dentistry
Faculty, Lecturer
Restorative Dentistry
1985-1989 Northwestern University
Chicago, IL
1991-2001 Premiere Dental Group
Marina Del Rey, CA
Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, Owner
1989-1990 Veteran’s Administration Hospital
Washington University, St. Louis MO
General Practice Internship
2001-present Go Dental
Valencia, CA
Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, Owner
1990-1991 Veteran’s Administration Hospital
Sepulveda, CA
Chief Resident, GPR
2005-present Foundation for Children’s Dental Health
Santa Clarita, CA
Board Member